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 HR Professional: Enhancements to the Roadmap Form


This feature enables you to do the following:

Add attachments to roadmap form steps

You can now configure attachment types for a given form scenario in the roadmap form. For each individual step, you can define what the user is authorized to do with the attachment. For example, can the user create the attachment, display it, or should the existence of an attachment be hidden from the user? Does the step require an attachment? Or is the attachment optional?

Select from multiple valid infotype records in roadmap form operations

In the roadmap form, multiple valid records are now available for selection for the operations Modify, Copy, Delete, and Delimit. The availability of multiple records is dependent on the operation and the time constraint.

Delete Operation for Roadmap Forms

In the roadmap forms, you can can now process infotypes that are configured for deletion. One option is to configure an infotype with the operation Delete in the HCM P&F design time (transaction HRASR_DT). The other option is to configure a dynamic process rule (DPR) with the operation Delete.

Technical Details

Product Feature Is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version



Application Component

Personnel & Organization


Available as of



Required Business Functions

HCM_PAO_CI_6 (HCM, Personnel & Organization)

HCM, Personnel & Organization 06

Effects on Customizing

To configure attachment types for the roadmap form, see the Customizing activity Start of the navigation path Personnel & Organization Next navigation step Processes Next navigation step Design Time for Processes and Forms Next navigation step Define Attachment Types End of the navigation path

See also

Time Constraints: Roadmap Forms for information on the relationship between the time constraint of a record, the operation, and availability of multiple records for selection.

Dynamic Processing Rules for information on the operation Delete in the document Operations View.