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 TRM, Trade Repository Reporting, Interim Trade ID


The product feature enables you to use a interim trade ID for trade repository reporting for notifications to the trade repository.

A financial transaction needs to have an external trade ID. This external trade ID needs to be agreed upon by the counterparties and it must identify the transaction uniquely. The external trade ID is stored in the financial transaction data on the Administration tab for a specific legal basis. Given that a transaction may not yet have the unique external trade ID at the time when the transaction is reported to the trade repository, you can - the trade repository permitting - initially report the transaction using a unique interim trade ID. The interim trade ID is used to uniquely identify a financial transaction. You can use it in notifications to the trade repository until an external trade ID has been officially agreed upon. If you want this field to be filled, you need to allow use of interim trade IDs for the reporting company codes.

For foreign exchange transactions that are relevant for trade repository reporting, you can use the Correspondence Framework to obtain the external trade ID from the counterconfirmation notification (MT300) received from your counterparty. (The prerequisite for this is that, in the Customizing activity Assign Attributes for Business Partner Groups, the Get Values from Counterconfirmation indicator is set for the business partner group in the Inbound Correspondence area.)

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product feature is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

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SAP Enhancement Package 5 (SP14) for SAP ERP 6.0

SAP Enhancement Package 6 (SP12) for SAP ERP 6.0

SAP enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0, version for SAP HANA, Support Package 07

SAP Enhancement Package 7 (SP04) for SAP ERP 6.0

Required Business Function(s)

TRM, New Instruments, Accounting Enhancements, Reporting (FIN_TRM_LR_FI_AN_3)


Changed Customizing Activities

  • In the Customizing activity Define Settings for Trade Repositories, you can set the Use an Interim Trade ID indicator at the Reporting Companies level.

  • In the Customizing activity Assign Attributes for Business Partner Groups, the new indicator Get Values from Counterconfirmation is available in the Inbound Correspondence area.