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 Check Certificate Statuses


In Kuwait, companies are required to have numerous certificates that are issued by various government ministries. These certificates are typically valid for a limited period and must be renewed periodically. You use this report to monitor the statuses of your company’s certificates and to trigger notifications when certificates are approaching expiry or have expired.


You have made settings in the following areas and Customizing activities:

  • Start of the navigation path Financial Accounting (New) Next navigation step Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) Next navigation step Global Parameters for Company Code Next navigation step Country-specific Settings Next navigation step Kuwait Next navigation step Certificate Management End of the navigation path

    • Start of the navigation path Define Certificate Types End of the navigation path

    • Start of the navigation path Assign Certificates to Company Codes End of the navigation path

  • You have created certificates through Create Certificates

  • You have configured e-mail functionality through SAPconnect. For more information, see the help documentation for SAPconnect (BC-SRV-COM) on published on SAP site.


This report allows you to view the all of the certificates assigned to a company code. You can narrow the results by specifying a specific Certificate ID or range of certificate IDs. You can also run the report only for certificates with a specific Certificate Status.

You can use the report to send notifications to a specified user that informs them when a certificate is approaching its expiry date or has expired. To use this functionality, you must schedule the report to run periodically as a background job. Notifications are only sent when the report is run as a background job. To schedule a background job, save a variant of the report and then access the transaction Schedule Background Job (SM36). Use the Job Wizard pushbutton to schedule the job. The technical name of this report is FIMENACRCHECK.

Additionally, after you have scheduled the report to run as a background job, notifications are sent to users in the following circumstances:

  • You have selected the Send Notification checkbox for the given certificate ID in the Customizing activity Assign Certificates to Company Codes.

  • The certificate is within the Notification Period you specified in Assign Certificates to Company Codes or the certificate is expired.

  • You have specified a user’s e-mail address when creating the certificate through Create Certificates.

A notification is sent when the certificate reaches the notification period and then another notification is sent when the certificate expires.

Note Note

You can see a list of the notifications sent through the SAPconnect Send Requests transaction (SOST). If the notification is not sent, for example because the e-mail address specified does not exist, then the status of the notification in SAPconnect Send Requests will indicate an error. Additionally, the user specified when the background job is scheduled through Schedule Background Job will receive a notification about a problem with the delivery in their SAPoffice: Inbox (SO01).

End of the note.


The report displays all of the details for a given certificate and groups the certificates as follows:

  • Green

    The certificate is active and within its validity period.

  • Yellow

    The certificate is active but is within the notification period.

  • Red

    The certificate is expired.

  • Brown

    The certificate is inactive.

  • No color

The certificate is not yet active because the start of the validity period is in the future.


To access this report on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Start of the navigation path Accounting Next navigation step Financial Accounting End of the navigation path Country-specific FunctionsStart of the navigation path Kuwait Next navigation step Certificate Management Next navigation step Check Certificate Statuses End of the navigation path, or transaction CRCHECK.