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 Archiving Data in Student Lifecycle Management


SAP supports your data management by providing suitable functions for data archiving and for data retention and data destruction.

  • Data archiving

    An efficient management of data includes the archiving of data belonging to completed business processes. Using data archiving, you can export data that you no longer require in the system, but need to retain for documentation purposes, for example, to an archive file. To reduce the load on the database, the archive file is stored in a file system or content repository and the data is deleted from the database.

  • Data retention/data destruction

    With SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), SAP provides suitable tools to fulfill legal requirements for the retention of data, and for the destruction of data. For example, you can store rules for retention in ILM Retention Management.

These functions are available for Student Lifecycle Management with the delivery of the following archiving objects:

Archiving Object




Student master data

  • Student personal data

  • Status attributes

  • Challenge

  • Additional personal data

  • Individual study data

  • Fee calculation data

  • Residence data

  • Visa


Student grant data

  • Business Partner: Student Grant

  • Business Partner: Student Grant Detail

  • Grants Document Header

  • Grants Document Items


External transcript data

  • External Transcripts

  • External Test Results


Student study data

  • Student study data

  • Student academic data


Fee calculation data

  • Student fee calculation data


Activity document data

  • Student activity documents

The archiving objects are based on the Archive Development Kit (ADK) and use functions of the BOPF archiving adapter.

Note Note

The archiving objects can only archive data that has already been blocked using the RHIQ_ILM_DATA_BLOCKING program.

End of the note.


  • To be able to use the functions of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), you must have activated the following business functions .

    • ILM


    • ISHERCM_EXT_IAP –– SAP Student Lifecycle Management: Implementation Accelerator

    • ISHERCM_MAIN_IAP –– SAP Student Lifecycle Management: Implementation Accelerator Package

    • ISHERCM_EXT_IAP_3 –– SAP SLCM Extended IAP 3

    • ISHERCM_MAIN –– Academic Structure

    • ISHERCM_SETTINGS –– Customizing & Settings

  • To use the archiving functions, users must have the authorizations provided by the authorization object P_CM_ILMA.

More Information

Data Archiving with Archive Development Kit (ADK)

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