Start Level 1 Node: Financial Accounting (FI)Financial Accounting (FI)End Level 1 Node: Financial Accounting (FI)
   Start Level 2 Node: CustomizingCustomizingEnd Level 2 Node: Customizing
      Start Level 3 Node: Customizing for Statutory ReportsCustomizing for Statutory ReportsEnd Level 3 Node: Customizing for Statutory Reports
      Start Level 3 Node: Customizing for the Postdated Checks DashboardCustomizing for the Postdated Checks DashboardEnd Level 3 Node: Customizing for the Postdated Checks Dashboard
   Start Level 2 Node: Statutory ReportsStatutory ReportsEnd Level 2 Node: Statutory Reports
      Start Level 3 Node: Income Tax DeclarationIncome Tax DeclarationEnd Level 3 Node: Income Tax Declaration
      Start Level 3 Node: Withholding Tax Remittance Statement and SummaryWithholding Tax Remittance Statement and SummaryEnd Level 3 Node: Withholding Tax Remittance Statement and Summary
   Start Level 2 Node: Postdated Checks DashboardPostdated Checks DashboardEnd Level 2 Node: Postdated Checks Dashboard
      Start Level 3 Node: Destroying FI Documents with Personal Data (Oman)Destroying FI Documents with Personal Data (Oman)End Level 3 Node: Destroying FI Documents with Personal Data (Oman)
   Start Level 2 Node: Clear Withholding Tax Open ItemsClear Withholding Tax Open ItemsEnd Level 2 Node: Clear Withholding Tax Open Items
   Start Level 2 Node: Vendor CertificatesVendor CertificatesEnd Level 2 Node: Vendor Certificates
   Start Level 2 Node: Bill of ExchangeBill of ExchangeEnd Level 2 Node: Bill of Exchange