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 Sales and Distribution, JAM Integration


With this business function, you can enable the SAP Jam Follow/Unfollow menu option in the Services for Objects menu of the Sales Order and Invoice business objects.

By using the SAP Jam Follow/Unfollow option, you can follow Sales Orders/Invoices and receive related notifications on the SAP Jam page, or unfollow the object so that notifications are not sent.

Technical Details

Technical Name of Business Function


Available as of

SAP Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0 (SAP_APPL 617) SP05


All the customer-specific customizing related to JAM integration for SD is behind the same Business Function/Switch.

You make the Customizing settings for this function in Start of the navigation path Cross-Application Components Next navigation step SAP Jam Integration Next navigation step Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) End of the navigation path

The following BAdIs and their corresponding Methods are available:

  • BAdI: Notification Data Formatting and Subscription Filtering (ESJI_NOTIF_BADI)


    • Filter Notification Endpoints (NOTIFICATION_ENDPOINTS)

    • Handle Available Subscriptions for BO Notification (NOTIFICATION_SUBSCRIPTION)

  • BAdI: Notification Check (ESJI_NOTIF_FILTER_BADI)

    Method: Filter Notifications (NOTIFICATION_FILTER)

  • BAdI: User Authorization Check (ESJI_SUB_AUTH_BADI)


    • Check Authorization for Subscription Receiver (CHECK_RECEIVER_AUTH)

    • Check Authorization for Subscription Creation ((CHECK_SUBSCRIBE_AUTH))

  • BAdI: Subscription Service Details (ESJI_SUB_SRV_BADI)


    • Get Gateway Destination for Notification (GET_GATEWAY_DESTINATION)

    • Get the subscription title ((GET_SUBSCRIPTION_TITLE))

    • Get the annotation details for the business object (GET_ANNOTATION_FOR_BO)

    • Get the service details for the business object (GET_SERVICE_FOR_BO)

  • BAdI: Sales Order Details (ESJI_SO_BADI)

    Method: Fetch the details of Sales Employee (GET_SALES_EMPLOYEE_DETAILS)

  • BAdI: Sales and Distribution Features (ESJI_SD_BADI)

    Method: Generate URL(GET_URL_LINK)

More Information

For more information about the business function, see the Business Function Description: Sales and Distribution, JAM Integration