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 FI, Localization Topics for Qatar Public Sector


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Financial Accounting (FI)

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You use this business function to meet country-specific requirements in the area of Financial Accounting (FI) for the public sector organizations in Qatar.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Required for the Following Features Only

Software Component



With this business function, public sector organizations in Qatar can use the following features in the Financial Accounting (FI) component:

Monthly Expenses

You use this report to generate an expense statement that contains details of all payment transactions carried out in a fiscal period, for a specific expense G/L account or a range of expense G/L accounts.

For more information, see Expense Reporting.

Payment Forms

You use this report to print payment forms that comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in Qatar.

For more information, see Payment Forms.

Localized User Interfaces

You can perform the following functions using the new localized user interfaces:

  • Create, edit, display, reverse, and approve payment requests. For more information, see payment requests.

  • Create, edit, display, and approve receipt vouchers. For more information, see receipt vouchers.

Bank Reconciliation

You use this report to check the financial account items against the bank statement according to the requirements of Qatar Central Bank.

For more information, see Bank Reconciliation.

Journal Voucher

You use this report to enter accounting entries into the system and make corrections to already entered account data.

For more information, see Journal Voucher.

Balance Sheet

You use this report to view balances for account groups.

For more information, see Balance Sheet.

Trial Balance

You use this report to create and define account groups based on first digits of the account number and use several levels of detail by specifying the Trial Balance level.

For more information, see Trial Balance.

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