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 Pricing: Use Price Quotations of Commodity Forward Index


This feature enables you to use market data for commodity forward indexes in the commodity pricing engine (CPE). This market data is based on the derivative contract specification (DCS) and supports, similar to commodity futures, the following functions:

  • Use DCS-based quotations in CPE formulas

  • Use DCS-based commodity curves for quotation forecast

You can import commodity forward index data with the market data interface datafeed in SAP ERP. New commodity pricing methods are provided for determining commodity forward index data. You can use this data for provisional or final prices.

You can maintain the new functions in documents that use the new pricing user interface.

You can select the maturity of a commodity forward index with the following parameters:

  • Derivative contract specification ID (DCS ID)

  • Market identifier code (MIC)

  • Timing

  • Price type

You can simplify the specification of these parameters when you use quotation rules together with the maturity selection function. For more information, see the release notes for Pricing: Quotation Rule and Pricing: Maturity Selection.

Technical Details

Technical Name of Product Feature


Product Feature Is


Country Dependency

Valid for all countries

Software Component Version


Application Component

Commodity Management in Logistics (LO-CMM), Pricing and Conditions (SD-BF-PR), Purchasing (MM-PUR)


SAP Enhancement Package 7 (SP04) for SAP ERP 6.0

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