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 FI, Localization Topics for Qatar


Technical Data

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Type of Business Function

Enterprise Business Function

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Technical Usage

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Financial Accounting (FI)

Required Business Function

Not relevant

You use this business function to meet country-specific requirements in the area of Financial Accounting (FI) for Qatar.


You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

Type of Component


Required for the Following Features Only

Software Component



With this business function, you can use the following features in the Financial Accounting (FI) component for Qatar:

Withholding Tax (Calculation and Reporting)

The following withholding tax functions are available for Qatar:

Asset Depreciation (Calculation and Reporting)

You can calculate and report the depreciation values of fixed assets in your company. The system generates a statement with the depreciation details of all fixed assets in your company for a given year or a time range, based on the depreciation rates specified by the tax authorities. For more information, see Depreciation Reporting.

Postdated Checks

You can perform the following postdated check (PDC) functions:

Income Tax Declaration

This report enables you to generate an annual declaration of taxable income in accordance with local legal requirements.

For more information, see Income Tax Declaration.

Income Tax

You use this report to view the balance amount in all general ledger (G/L) accounts that contribute to calculating the taxable income of a company. It also displays other significant elements of company's balance sheet such as details of assets, liabilities, and shareholder's equities for the specified fiscal year.

For more information, see Income Tax Returns.


You use this report to generate a statement that contains details of a company's provisions (such as provisions for doubtful debts for banks and insurance expenses).

For more information, see Provisions Statement.

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