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Function documentationSearching with SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search


SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search is a search solution that provides safe and comprehensive real-time access to company data and information. It allows you to search using keywords and search categories, refine your search by using filters and navigate directly to the objects listed in the result list. Furthermore, you can individually configure the areas in which the search results are displayed.

You can use this search solution in the input help of selected fields. In Customizing you can define, for a combination of field and search category, in which input helps you want to use the Enterprise Search and where you prefer to continue using the simple search.


You have configured the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search search solution.

For different combinations of field name and search category, you have defined that SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search should be called in the input help instead of the simple search. You activate the Enterprise Search in Customizing for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service under Start of the navigation path Maintenance Roles Next navigation step Maintenance Worker Next navigation step Activate Enterprise Search for the Input Help End of the navigation path.


If you have activated the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search search solution for a field, the input help is structured as follows:

  • You can display search criteria in the upper screen area. A drop-down list contains search attributes for which you can manually enter search values.

    If you are using the input help to search for an object for which several objet types exist, first select the object type in the left-hand screen area. The system displays the search criteria in accordance with this selection. For example, in your search for a technical object, first choose whether you want to search for equipment or a functional location.

  • The system displays filter criteria and filter values for the search object in the left-hand screen area. This means that you can, for example, search for task list groups that are assigned to a specific plant or work center or that have a specific status or system condition. The system proposes the appropriate filter values and displays, in brackets, how many objects the result list would display, given a certain filter choice.

  • In the result list, the system displays the most important data for the selected objects. You can copy an entry from the result list to the appropriate entry field by choosing the pushbutton Choose this result entry (Choose this result entry). From the result list, you can branch directly to the display or editing transactions of individual objects or find related objects.

Note Note

Only TREX search models are supported in the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search on the SAP Web user interface for Plant Maintenance. Search models supported by SAP HANA cannot be used.

End of the note.

More Information

For more information about searching using the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search search solution, see the SAP Library on the SAP Help Portal. The Technology Platform under SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search provides you with comprehensive information about how to configure and use the search.