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Background documentationData Destruction in Student Lifecycle Management


You use data destruction objects to delete data for which the retention period has expired and there is no legal hold. You can delete data from the database by executing a data destruction run for a corresponding data destruction object.

The following table lists the data destruction objects that exist for Student Lifecycle Management (SCLM):

Data Destruction Object

Description of Data Destruction Object


Attendance Data Destruction

Use this destruction object to destroy the attendance data of students.

Note Note

This object only destroys the data that has already been blocked using the RHIQ_ILM_DATA_BLOCKING program.

End of the note.


  • One or more policies with the policy status Live exist for the ILM object.

  • In the Switch Framework (transaction SFW5), you have activated the SLCM ILM Implementation business function ISHERCM_ILM_IMPL_ACTIVATE.

  • In the Switch Framework (transaction SFW5), you have activated the Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM) business function. You are familiar with the functions for ILM policies and rules and have defined the retention rules for the ILM object in transaction IRMPOL.