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Object documentationBill of Distribution (BOD)


Hierarchically structured network of locations predefining the distribution routes for products within Service Parts Planning (SPP).


The bill of distribution (BOD) specifies how a product is further distributed within your enterprise following inward delivery from the supplier before being passed on to the customer. Because the distribution routes are firmly predefined by the BOD, you can use the latter to carry out service parts planning without a time-consuming source determination process.

BODs are product-specific. To specify the products to which a bill of distribution is to apply, you must assign products to the BOD.

You can create, change, delete, or display BODs on the SAP Easy Access screen, under Start of the navigation path Advanced Planning and Optimization Next navigation step Master Data Next navigation step Application-Specific Master Data Next navigation step Service Parts Planning (SPP) Next navigation step Maintain and Display Bills of Distribution End of the navigation path . You maintain a BOD in the same way as you maintain a hierarchy. For more information, see Maintain Hierarchy.


The BOD is a hierarchy whose individual nodes consist of locations. The BOD has a maximum number of levels that is predefined by the underlying BOD hierarchy structure.

Entry Location

The node of the uppermost level of a BOD is the entry location. The product arrives from the supplier at this point. A BOD can have several entry locations with or without subordinate (child) locations, which exist independently alongside each other.

Child Location and Parent Location

The product is distributed from the entry location to the locations of the next lower level. Subordinate locations are termed child locations, superordinate locations parent locations. The locations of middle levels are always simultaneously parent and child locations.

The locations of the lowest level of a BOD are child locations only, not parent locations. From here, products are not distributed further but passed on directly to customers.

It is possible for products to be passed on to customers directly from locations of the middle levels too. Such locations are termed virtual child locations. When you add a bill of distribution to a location, you can set the relevant indicator.

There can be no multiple assignment of locations within a BOD.


A sub-BOD is an extract of a BOD. A sub-BOD consists of just one parent location and its child locations.

Flexible BOD

Flexible BOD simplifies the maintenance of BODs and their assignment to products in Service Parts Planning. For more information, see Flexible Bill of Distribution.

To use flexible bills of distribution (BODs), you must activate the SCM-APO-SPP, Service Parts Planning 1 (SCM_APO_SPP_GEN_1) business function. For more information, see SCM-APO-SPP, Service Parts Planning 1.


As with all hierarchies, a BOD is based on a hierarchy structure that must be defined in Customizing. This hierarchy structure must also be defined as a BOD hierarchy structure. For more information, see Define BOD Hierarchy Structure.

Transportation lanes must have been created for the distribution routes between parent and child locations defined by the BOD.


BOD with Three Levels