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Contains data that is represented as a numerical value―either a quantity or a monetary value. Examples of key figures used in Demand Planning are planned demand and ac tual sales history. Examples of key figures used in Supply Network Planning are production receipts and distribution receipts.


You create key figures in the Administration Workbench, even if you only intend to use the key figures in LiveCache. Choose Tools ® Edit InfoObjects.

In APO, create APO key figures (not BW key figures).

There are three types of key figure that are of interest for demand planning:

Use this type for physical quantities

This type is amounts of money

Use this type for numbers that do not have units of measure or currencies, such as factors.


The unit of measure and currency are always taken from the planning area.


There are different places in which a key figure can be stored. For detailed information, see Data Storage in Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning.


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