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Use this function to create several characteristic value combinations either online or as a worklist from which the characteristic value combinations can be created later in a background job.


You have created and activated the master planning object structure.

If you want to create the corresponding time series objects, you must have created and initialized the relevant planning area.


The function has four options:

·        Create Manually

You can create one or more characteristic value combinations manually. The new combinations are first placed in a worklist and can be used as the basis for further combinations. You can then check the new combinations. The following checks are carried out:

·         Duplicate entries

Do the new entries exist already?

·         Type

Dos the new entries have the correct entry format – numerical entry only, alphanumerical?

·         Special characters

Do the new entries contain special characters that are not allowed?

·         Conversion routine

Are the prerequisites for the conversion routine for the characteristic fulfilled?

You then generate the selected combinations. The new characteristic value combinations are displayed immediately.

It is also possible to load combinations from other sources. For more details see below.

·        Load to Worklist

You can directly load data into the worklist from other sources. These sources are:

·         Planning Object Structures

This is can be the same planning object structure as you are currently working in. In this case the combinations that are loaded form the basis for new combinations; to create new combinations you must change the existing ones. Alternatively you can upload combinations from another planning object structure. In this case the structure should be similar in both planning object structures. This means that at least one characteristic should be the same, but to work effectively the differences should be very small. The values of the characteristics that are contained in the target planning object structure but not in the source remain blank in the worklist and must be filled manually or using the BAdI. Characteristics that exist in the source but not the target are ignored.

·         InfoProvider

You can upload combinations from InfoProviders in the Business Information Warehouse. The same remark as above apply for InfoProviders.

·         File

You can create a list of characteristic value combinations as a file and upload it. For details of the file format, choose the Information icon that appears when you choose File as the Data Source.

Note that you can upload data from a PC in online mode, but can access the application server in both online and background mode.

·         Business Add-In (BAdI)

If you have implemented the COMBI_ENRICH method of the /SAPAPO/SDP_MASTER BAdI, you use it to import data to the worklist. For more information, see the IMG under Business Add-Ins -> Additional Functions for Characteristic Value Combinations.

·        Generate Immediately

The system generates the new characteristic value combinations from the same data sources as above immediately without creating a worklist.

·        Generate in Background

In a background job the system generates the new characteristic value combinations from the same data sources as described above in Load to Worklist, without creating a worklist.


Working with the Worklist

The worklist is based on the SAP List Viewer see Structure linkALV Grid Control (BC-SRV-ALV). This means that you have the usual functions to change, filter and sort the display. The following functions are particular to the worklist




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Create row

Creates a new row in the worklist. You enter new values either via the keyboard or by using the F4 help.

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Copy row

You select an existing entry and choose this icon. The system creates an identical that you must then change to create a new characteristic combination.

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Replace characteristic values

For the selected rows in the worklist you can replace one characteristic value with another. When you click on the icon a dialog box appears in which you choose the characteristic, the value to be replaced, and the new value.

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Check Entries

Carries out the checks described above in the Create Manually section for the selected rows.

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Generate combinations

Generates characteristic value combinations from the selected rows. If you have set the Adjust Time Series Objects indicator on the initial screen, these are also created. (For more information, see the F1 help for this indicator.)

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Displays the log for the current session


If you load data from the current planning object structure into the worklist and change entries, these combinations are not changed in the planning object structure. New combinations are created, but the existing combinations are neither deleted or changed. If you want to do this, use Structure linkRealignment.



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