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In general when you create characteristic value combinations you also create the corresponding time series objects by setting the Adjust Time Series Objects indicator. However there are situations where this is not advisable:

·        You have created many characteristic value combinations. Since creating the time series objects takes longer than creating the characteristic value combinations themselves, it can improve system performance if you do this in a background job, scheduled for a low-load period such as at night or the weekend.

·        Several jobs run simulataneouly for the same master planning object structure. This can cause inconsistencies. The cases in which this can happen are less than in earlier releases. The main case is when several users create characteristic value combinations at the same time.



Time series objects already exist for the master planning object structure. This means that you have initilaized at least one planning area based on the master planning object structure.



You start this function from S&DP Administration for planning object structures by selecting the relevant master planning object structure and choosing Adjust Time Series from the context menu. On the Adjust Time Series Objects screen that appears you can see if the function needs to be executed by choosing the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text icon with the quick info text Time series to be adjusted. The system displays the number of times series objects to be created or deleted.

You can also specify that the system creates an error log when it executes the program.

It is also possible to create a program variant and thus run the program in the background.



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