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You can use this function to edit planning data from interactive Demand Planning (DP) without being constantly connected to an SAP SCM system. You can download the planning data for a data view into a local file with the data format CSV. You can edit this file using a spreadsheet program or a word processing program. You can then upload the edited planning data back to interactive Demand Planning.


Downloading Data

When you download the planning data, you prepare the file to be created in such a way that you can upload the planning data back to interactive Demand Planning at a later time. You can save the technical information that the system needs for the subsequent upload either in the system or in the file. If you want to upload the data to another system later on, you must save the technical information in the file.

After the download, you can send the file or copy it to another computer and edit it there.


Edit only the planning data in the file. Do not insert any columns or rows, and do not make any changes to the technical information.

Uploading Data

After you have edited the planning data in the file, you can upload the new planning data into any data view in interactive Demand Planning. As a prerequisite, the characteristics and key figures used in the file as well as the periodicity in the target data view must exist, and the specified period must lie in the planning horizon. You can adapt the characteristic value selection and the drill-down sequence of the planning data in the file to the corresponding settings in the target data view before the upload.


Always perform a check of the data before the upload.


To download the planning data from the data view or to upload the data to the target data view, in interactive Demand Planning, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info Save locally or This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info Upload Data.

Configure Settings for Uploading Data

Properties and Data Target

You can select the required data target for uploading planning data. The default setting is the data view from which you downloaded the planning data. You have the following possible data targets:



You want to use the current data view as the data target.

Set the Ignore Settings for Data Target indicator.

You want to use a different data view as the data target and to display this data view.

Specify the name of the planning book and data view and choose Navigate.

You have changed the data target and want to return to the original data view.

Choose Restore Data Target.

Advanced Settings

You can make the following advanced settings that the system is to take into account when uploading the planning data back to interactive Demand Planning:

     Trigger macro events

After the planning data has been uploaded, the system automatically executes the default macros.

     Overwrite fixed values

The system removes the fixings in the relevant cells in interactive Demand Planning and overwrites the values.

     Ignore initial values

The system does not overwrite planning data in interactive Demand Planning with initial values from the file.

     Overwrite planning objects on all levels or on aggregated level

This setting only has an effect if you are in a drill-down view and you are uploading planning data. If you want to upload the data on aggregated level only, the system automatically calculates the data on the more detailed levels. If you want to upload the data on all levels, the system checks the totals on aggregated level. If these totals do not match the values on the more detailed levels, the system automatically adjusts the totals.


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