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Function documentation Assignment of Users to Planning Books Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Use this function to assign users to individual planning books and data views. You can restrict their access to one book or even to one view.


This function is integrated with other authorization functions such as

·        The Status field for data views (see F1 help for this field)

·        System authorization objects and the SAP authorization concept. With regard to planning books and selections the following authorization objects are particularly important: C_APO_PB (planning book), C_APO_SEL3 (selections in planning books) and C_APO_FUN (functions in SDP). For more details, see Authorization in Supply Network and Demand Planning.


A user accesses planning books are accessed from various transactions, for example Interactive Supply and Network Planning (/SAPAPO/SNP94), Interactive Demand Planning (/SAPAPO/SDP94), Interactive TLB Planning (/SAPAPO/SNPTLB), Promotion Planning (SAPAPO/MP34). For each of these transactions you can manually assign a planning book and data view to a user.

When a user works in a data view in one of these transactions the system automatically creates or updates the relevant entries. The next time he/she starts the transaction the system automatically goes to this data view.

You can restrict a user’s access to just the specified planning or data view.


You choose Demand Planning ® Environment ® Current Settings ® Assign User to Planning Book. A table appears in which the assignments are visible.

To manually create a new entry choose New Entries and make the necessary entries.

Set the Specific Book indicator to limit a user’s access to one planning book.

Set the Specific View indicator to limit a user’s access to one data view in one particular planning book.



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