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Function documentation Exchange of Data Between InfoCubes and Planning Areas Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You store permanent data in InfoCubes. In general this is either historical actual data or forecasts that you want to keep for future comparison. Current data for planning is kept in LiveCache in planning areas. Demand Planning itself is conducted in LiveCache. You need to transfer data between the two, for instance to use historical data as the basis for forecasting.


When designing your planning area, remember that although placing a lot of a data in LiveCache improves performance it requires more memory.



Importing Data into Planning Areas

There are basically two methods of importing data.

When you assign key figures to the planning area, you enter the InfoCube from which the key figure is taken. This forms a permanent link between the InfoCube and the planning area.

You use the function Loading Data from an InfoCube into a Planning Area. A similar function is Copy/Version Management, which allows you to copy between planning areas and versions.

Exporting Data from Planning Areas to InfoCubes

Again there are two methods of doing this. You can export directly as described in Structure link Extracting Data from a Planning Area (move mode)or using indirectly ODS objects as described in Structure link Updating InfoCubes from Planning Areas (delta mode).

With the second method it is easier to update InfoCubes. If you export directly there is the danger that you copy the same data time and time again to the InfoCube. You can avoid this by using ODS objects.






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