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You use this function to copy data from one or more characteristic value combinations to other combination within a planning area. It is very similar to realignment. However no characteristic values or combinations are created. The copy steps are only valid for one planning area. As a result you can select which versions and which key figures are copied.



In contrast to realignment, all characteristic value combinations must exist before you execute the function.


As in realignment there are two phases in the process:

·        Editing the copy table together with the global settings

In addition to the functions available for realignment, you can also specify that data is copied from one version to another, restrict the key figures that are copied, and restrict the period for which data is copied. 

·        Executing the copy run


The copy function is similar to some of the functions available in Structure linkCopy Management. However copy management does not allow you to copy data from individual characteristic value combination to other combinations.



Maintenance of the Copy Table

You maintain the table exactly as for Realignment. In addition you can:

·        Copy data from one version to another

·        Only copy data for selected key figures

·        Copy data within a specified period

These functions are available for the whole copy table. In other words they are valid for all active copy steps. 

Executing the Copy Run

To schedule a background job choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Run in Background. A log is written, which can be displayed by choosing This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Logs.


To avoid data inconsistencies, background execution is terminated after the first error. Previous copy steps are not revoked. However any characteristic value combinations that have already been copied in the current step are revoked.



To execute the copy run online, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

If during a copy run this system cannot find a target characteristic value combination, it terminates the run. No values are copied for the step in which the error occurs. If you wish the system to copy data to the combinations that do exist, you can implement a Business Add-In (/SAPAO/SDP_RLGCOPY) to this effect.

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