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You can use the Business Explorer to do reporting in Demand Planning.


  1. You have access to an APO system with the latest frontend.
  2. The Business Analyzer and the Business Explorer are installed on your PC.
  3. If you are using the Business Analyzer, you have created queries/reports in the required InfoCube.
  4. If you are using the Business Browser, you have queries/reports in an InfoCatalog.


The Analyzer and Explorer can both be used to view the results of the query.


Using the Business Analyzer to Create a Query

  1. Access the Administrator Workbench in APO.
  2. Choose Tools ® Business Content ® Query Objects.
  3. The Activation of queries, variables and key figures dialog box appears.

  4. Make the following entries:
  5. Type

    Select the value VAR (variables)


    (leave blank)

    Technical name

    (leave blank)

  6. Confirm your entry.
  7. Start the Business Analyzer.
  8. Create a query on the required InfoCube.
  9. Select the query to view the results in the Business Analyzer.


Using the Business Browser to View a Query

  1. Start the Business Analyzer.
  2. If you have not already saved the query to an InfoCatalog, do this now.
    1. General tab
    2. Select option

      Add as new workbook

      Save as

      Enter a name

    3. Access on InfoCatalog tab


Save in (private) user favourites OR


Save in (public) enterprise catalog

  1. Access the Administrator Workbench in APO.
  2. Select the InfoCatalog tab.
  3. Select the Channel InfoCat tab.
  4. Create a channel.
  5. Select the User channel assignment tab.
  6. Assign a user to the channel.
  7. Select either the Enterprise InfoCat or Favorites tab.
  8. Assign reports/queries to the channel.
  9. Open the Business Browser.
  10. Select the required query.


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