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In modern business processes master data is constantly changing, for example new products are introduced, organizational structures change, or existing products are manufactured in new locations. These changes need to be accounted for in your demand planning process. Two processes are involved:

       1.      The system generates new characteristic value combinations. If required, it later deletes the old combinations.

       2.      The system copies the planning data to the new combinations.

Since doing this manually requires a lot of work, SAP provides functions to create new characteristic value combinations and to copy the data.

In contrast to earlier releases ( £ 3.1) the process is split into two:

       1.      Realignment

Characteristic value combinations are maintained for master planning object structures. Realignment itself works at this level. The system creates new characteristic value combinations based on selected values from existing combinations.  It then copies the data from the old combinations to the new ones.  The data of all key figures in all planning areas based on the master planning object structure is copied.

If required, the old combinations are then deleted together with the data.

       2.      Copy Function

Data itself is stored at planning area level. If the characteristic value combinations already exist and you want to copy data from one combination to another, you use this function.  Since the extent of the function is limited to the planning area, more selection options are available than for the master planning object structure. It is possible:

-                To copy data between individual versions

-                To select the key figures to be copied

-                To restrict the period in which data is copied

There is also an extensive log function.


The requisite master planning object structures and planning areas already exist.


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