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Process documentation Transfer of the Demand Plan to R/3 Demand Management Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


This process transfers the demand plan to Demand Management in SAP R/3, and creates planned independent requirements there.


·        You have installed the correct Plug-In version.

·        You have set up your products in SAP APO by choosing Navigation ® Master Data ® Product from the SAP APO menu tree.

·        You have set up your locations in SAP APO by choosing Navigation ® Master Data ® Location from the SAP APO menu tree.

·        You have defined the split of product demand to locations in one of two possible ways. For more information, see Location Split.

·        If necessary, you have defined a product split in SAP APO. For more information, see Product Split.

·        You have created a data view for this task in SAP APO. The use of a separate data view to transfer a demand plan to SAP R/3 has performance benefits. The data view contains the following:

¡        A future planning horizon only (no historical horizon unless you want to transfer the historical horizon too)

¡        A planning buckets profile with one periodicity only (if it contains more than one periodicity, the job is aborted with an error)

¡        Only the key figure(s) that you want to transfer to SAP R/3

¡        No actual rows (unless you want to transfer them to SAP R/3)

·        You have set the planning strategy of each material in SAP R/3.

Process Flow

1.      Create a transfer profile.

2.      Create an activity.

3.      Create a planning job.

4.      Schedule the planning job.

5.       Review the job results in the job log, and take any necessary action.


In SAP R/3 Demand Management, planned independent requirements are created in the same buckets as those of the data view on which the mass processing job is based.



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