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As of SCM Release 4.0 it is possible to plan on a characteristic level the demand of products that have been assigned CDP characteristics. In contrast to CBF, CDP works with production process models after the forecast has been released.


When setting up the client, you must decide whether you want to work with characteristic dependent planning (CDP) or characteristics-based forecasting (CBF).

This means that it is now possible to use planned independent requirements as the basis for CDP. As a result a large variety of business scenarios and processes is now available for products that use CDP:


As opposed to Characteristics-Based Forecasting (CBF) you have set the master switch for the class system for the client to Characteristic Dependent Planning (CDP).

You have created classes and characteristics for CDP (see Maintaining Classes and Characteristics in CDP).

You have assigned the classes to the products with which you want  to work (see Structure linkMaintaining Classifications in the product master documentation).


Process Flow

The process in Demand Planning is the same as for CBF. See Characteristics-Based Forecasting, in particular steps 2-7.

When the demand plan is released, further processing is as in the standard CDP process, see Structure linkPlanning with CDP Characteristics. The characteristic values are passed (propagated) from the planned independent requirements to the orders (planned orders for instance) that are generated in this planning process.

If you have set up consumption groups earlier in the process, any sales orders for the configurable products consume the forecast (planned independent requirements).  




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