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Use this function to copy one or more key figures between planning areas in any of the following ways:


To release the demand plan to the supply chain planner working with liveCache orders, use the Release to SNP functions. These functions do more than just copy data. They take into account the location split, the product split and a time split. For more information, see Structure link Release of the Demand Plan to SNP.

To copy from an InfoCube that is not defined in planning area administration, use the function Load planning area version. For more information, see Loading Data from an InfoCube into a Planning Area.


Time series objects have been created for the planning area(s) in the Administration settings of Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning.


Screen text

What to do


You must enter a From date and a To date.

Selection condition

Select individual characteristic values or ranges of characteristic values from which you wish to copy.

If you make no entries here, all characteristic values for which characteristics have been selected in the grouping condition and which are common to source and target are copied.

Grouping condition

Select the characteristics from which you wish to copy.

By default, all characteristics are selected.

Before copying, the system aggregates the data to the level of the characteristics you selected. It then copies this data to the mapped target characteristics (see "Characteristic assignment" below) and then disaggregates it to the remaining characteristics in accordance with the Calculation type defined for the target key figure in planning area administration. Which characteristics you select here can have profound effects on the results. In this respect, the grouping condition is similar to the planning level in mass processing.

Propose key figures

If you wish the system to suggest a mapping of identically named key figures, check this box.

Key figure assignment

Click here to check and edit, or define the key figure mapping.

Use the data transmission type Key figure copy DP-DP to copy key figures within Demand Planning.

Use the data transmission type Key figure copy if a standard SNP level has been defined for the the source and/or target planning areas(s); that is, if the planning area(s) is/are used in Supply Network Planning. This ensures that the characteristics "location" and "product" are included in the grouping condition.

To add the key figure value to the target key figure, check the box Add data. To overwrite the key figure value of the target key figure, leave this box unselected.

Characteristic assignment

Click here to define the mapping of characteristics.


The system takes into account only those periodicities that are common to both planning areas. For example, if the data is saved in months in the source planning area but in months and weeks in the target planning area, the system copies to months in the target planning area and then disaggregates the data to the storage buckets in accordance with the Time-based disaggregation setting made for the target key figure in planning area administration. For more information on storage buckets, see Storage Buckets Profile.


From the SAP Easy Access menu, choose Demand Planning → Environment → Copy/Version Management.

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