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You can set up the system so that dependent requirements or stock reservations for components of the finished product that are generated when planning the final product consume the forecast of the component.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The graphic illustrates this function. If there are planned independent requirements for the assembly, generated for instance using BOM planning functions in Demand Planning, and a sales order for the final product is received, the quantity in the sales order consumes the independent requirements for the assembly. In this case you plan 200 units as planned independent requirements for the assembly. A sales order is issued for the final product. This results in dependent requirements of 100 units for the assembly. 100 units of the independent requirements are consumed.


This type of consumption can be time-consuming. You should ensure that you need this function for your planning scenario before you set it up.



There are two steps for setting up this process:

  1. In the requirements strategy use a category group that includes a category for dependent demand, for instance AY. This is the case in the standard category groups K01 and K02 that are used in the standard requirement categories.
  2. In the location-specific product master of the assembly, set the Assembly planning indicator.





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