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As in Demand Planning, you require historical data on which to base the forecast for CBF. This data is stored in an InfoCube in APO (or SAP BW). In general you can transfer data from an OLTP system, for instance SAP R/3, or using a flat file such as a Microsoft Excel file. The process for transferring data is basically the same as for Demand Planning (see Structure linkUpload Process). The following describes the special features for CBF.



In the InfoCube you must include special (BW) characteristics that form the connection to the CBF profile, table, and characteristics. These are:

You must also have installed the Plug-In

Process Flow

First read the Demand Planning documentation on the Structure linkUpload Process.

  1. In the R/3 system you create the DataSource to extract the data. There are several possible sources of data. An example is described in Extracting Data from R/3.
  2. In APO you replicate the DataSource(s).
  3. In APO you create an InfoSource.

There are two methods of structuring the InfoSource for CBF:

    1. You assign (BW) characteristics that correspond to the CBF characteristics in the CBF profile to the InfoSource.
    2. This has the disadvantage that you must create a BW characteristic for each CBF characteristic that you use.

    3. You use dummy (BW) characteristics for the CBF-characteristics and values. These dummy InfoObjects are then filled with the real characteristics and values from the sales order. You only create sufficient characteristics (with general names such CHAR1 to CHAR20 for the CBF-characteristics and VAL 1 to VAL20 for the respective values) to account for the maximum number of characteristics. The assignment of CBF characteristics to these dummy characteristics changes from case to case.

Create an ODS object. It is possible to upload the data directly into an InfoCube. However due to the way configuration data are stored in R/3 it is not possible to use delta upload functions. Using an ODS object enables you to upload the delta to the Info Cube. For more details see Structure linkUpdating InfoCubes from Planning Areas.

  1. Update the InfoCube from the ODS object. At this stage you must define update rules to transform the data to the form listed above in the Prerequisites. For more details, refer to OSS note 304265 - Update of historic data. This note also includes a coding example for the case described above in step 3 a in which you define BW characteristics that correspond directly to the CBF characteristics.


The process is the same as in standard Demand Planning (see Structure linkDP Data Mart and Structure linkTransferring Flat Files). However you must also define update rules to transform the data to the form listed above in the Prerequisites as above.

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