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A series of consistency checks for planning object structures (master planning object structures and aggregates) and characteristics are available for administrative purposes.



You can run consistency checks for

·        Master planning object structures

·        Aggregates

·        Characteristics

The checks that you can select are dependent on which type of object you select. You choose the Select checks button to select these checks. By clicking on the Help icon This graphic is explained in the accompanying text you can display the online help for each check. This also tells you if it is possible to use the Repair option with this check to automatically correct any errors found in the object.

You can use the Selection Condition and Grouping Condition buttons to restrict the characteristic value combinations that are checked.

There are two modes

·        Analyze

The selected check(s) are carried out. A results screen appears from which you can go to a more detailed log.

·        Repair

If the selected check permits (see online help for check), the system automatically tries to correct any errors it finds. As above a results screen appears from which you can go to a more detailed log.



You access the checks either by choosing Advanced Planning and Optimization ® APO-Administration ® Consistency Checks ® Demand Planning ® Consistency Check for Planning Object Structure or

in maintenance of a planning object structure by choosing Extras ® Consistency Check. 

On the screen that appears you select the type of object that you want to check (master planning object structure, aggregate, or characteristic) and enter the name of the object.

You first run the checks in Analyse mode, and then if any errors are detected that can be corrected in Repair mode (deselect unnecessary checks).



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