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You use this feature to decide which forecast profile to use based on a selection. For instance, if one product is best described using a trend model and another by a seasonal model, you can define the corresponding forecasting models and assign them to the relevant selections. This selection is based on planning areas. The function described in this topic is not directly connected to selections that you make using the shuffler in interactive planning (see Interactive Demand Planning Desktop). When you carry out forecasting from interactive planning the system generates a selection which you can save when you return to interactive planning.

This function in general runs in the background, so that the user rarely needs to use it. It is used both in interactive planning and background processing.



You have created and activated the planning area with characteristics.


The system automatically generates a table for storing selections when you create a planning area. When you make a valid selection in interactive planning, the system makes an entry in the table, if the selection does not already exist in the table. In this case the system generates a description for the selection. Alternatively you can edit selections yourself.

Selections must be unique. The system cannot create the same entry twice, even if the description is different. The selection description should, but does not need to, be explicit. If changes to the master planning object structure of the planning area are made later (by a characteristic being added or deleted, for example), all selections and dependent data (for example, an assignment to forecast profiles) are deleted.

You can enter single or multiple values for a characteristic. However you cannot enter ranges or exclude values.

In background processing the system checks during processing whether the current selection corresponds to a selection that has been assigned a forecasting profile. This profile is then used to forecast the selection. This overrides the profile specified for the background job.


You edit selections in planning area maintenance in S&DP Administration by selecting the planning area and then choosing Selection management.

After you have specified the planning area, you can

(The Test selection management button is primarily for internal use by SAP and is not required normally.)

Assigning Forecast Profiles to Selections


In forecast profile maintenance you choose the Assign forecast profiles button to assign forecast selection to profiles. For details, see Assignment of Forecast Profiles

Saving Generated Selections and Forecast Profiles

In interactive planning you can decide how the system saves selections that it generates:

The system saves the assignment of the profile to the selection and uses the selection to select the forecast profile. If you make changes to the profile, these changes are saved in the original profile when you save the forecast. This is the default.

The system saves the assignment of the profile to the selection and uses the selection to select the forecast profile. If you make changes to the profile, the system creates a new profile with an internal GUID when you save the forecast.


To save user-specific settings, that is another option as the default, in user maintenance enter the parameters /SAPAPO/FCST_GUIDS for the second option or /SAPAPO/PRPFL_NOTSAV for the third option and enter the vale 'X'. If you set both parameters, the system does not save assignment and forecast profile (option 3).


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