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Collaborative Promotion Planning between distributors and their customers allows these supply chain partners to streamline their work processes and ultimately benefit from a more accurate plan, better market transparency, reduced inventory and better communication. In this scenario, for example, the distributor's promotion planning data created in SAP APO Demand Planning is accessible to external partners via a Web Browser. The customer, or retailer, can then decide to participate in a planned promotion.


The following prerequisites must be fulfilled for successful Collaborative Promotion Planning:

Collaborative Promotion Planning




Supplier: SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) Release 5.0

One or more partners: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above

SAP APO - Customizing

Make the following settings in SAP APO:

·         Create user

·         Assign user names to the collaboration partners.

·         Assign user to planning book (SAP Easy Access ® Demand Planning ® Environment ® Current Settings ® Assign User to Planning Book.)

See also:

Structure linkMaintaining Settings for Collaborative Partners

SAP APO master data

Assign promotion location to collaborative partner (Advanced Planning and Optimization  ®  Master Data ® Location ® Location ® General tab page, bottom of screen)

SAP APO Promotion Planning

Create a promotion plan in SAP APO Demand Planning. The promotion must be location specific (use characteristic 9ALOCNO in the planning book). You assign a location to a promotion using the Assign object icon This graphic is explained in the accompanying text in the promotion  planning header. For more information, see Creating a Promotion Plan.

CLP Internet component

Install the CLP Internet component for accessing the Web. For more information, see Structure linkCollaborative Planning – Installation and Settings..


The SAP APO Collaborative Planning templates are not displayed properly in the Netscape Navigator.



The collaborative promotion planning process is described below:

Collaborative Promotion Planning

Distributor with SAP APO

Partner with Web Browser

Define partners; Customizing in SAP APO


Create promotion plan in SAP APO



Accept or reject promotion offered by distributor. For more information, see Promotion Planning via Web Browser Access.

Access promotion plan in SAP APO to view response from customer






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