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With this function you can edit the master data for characteristics based forecasting in one transaction.


The planning areas with which you want to work are based on master planning object structure in which the Characteristics-Based Forecasting indicator has been set.



There are three different views with which you can restrict the data that the system displays:

·        The CBF-Table View

In this view you can create and edit CBF tables independently of planning areas and products.

·        The Planning Area View

In this view you can maintain tables and profiles for the products in a planning area. On the initial screen you can further restrict your selection.

·        The Product View

In this view you can maintain tables and profiles for individual products.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

In the top left-hand screen area, the profile/table selector, there are two tabs for profiles and tables. If you choose the Profiles tab, in the lower screen area (the worklist) you can see all CBF-tables in the system that you could assign to the profile. Similarly if you choose the Tables tab page, a list appears of all the characteristics that already used in CBF tables. In the selector you see the profiles or tables that corresponds to the current view or selection.

In the header screen area you see the name and description of the object that is currently selected. In the case of profiles, you can enter a valid-from date in this screen area.

The work area is where you carry out most of your tasks. You assign characteristics to tables (see Settings for CBF in APO) or tables to profiles (see Maintaining CBF Profiles). In both cases there is a Log tab page where you can see messages that the system has issued in the current session.

When working with tables there are two further tabs, where you maintain the Structure and the Contents of the table. 

When working with profiles, there is only one further tab, Profile. As well as assigning tables to the profile, you can

·        Only display combinations that are relevant for planning (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info text Display Relevant Combinations)

·        Make the necessary settings for the component-oriented logic (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text with the quick info text Maintain comp. logic). For more information, see Component-Oriented Logic.

·        Download or upload data to Microsoft Excel.



You start the function by choosing Master Data ® Demand Planning Master Data ®Configured Products



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