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This function allows you to report on promotions and other key figures in a planning area. The information is presented in table form and can include data from detail and aggregate levels. 


If necessary, you have created promotion bases.

You have created selection IDs in the planning area on which you want to report.

Data exists for the selection IDs.

You have created promotions.


Several options are available that enable you to produce reports that contain the amount of the detail that you require. For more details on these options, see the F1 help for the relevant indicators.

A report consists of one or more detailed reports.

You can use this transaction in conjunction with both promotions based on promotion bases and those to which no promotion base has been assigned. If you use promotion bases, you can display information on individual promotions. This is referred to as promotion analysis .

In promotion reporting you can also display promotion attributes.

Furthermore you can use standard macros  to change the display of reports, for instance to change the color of a key figure.




       1.      You create the settings for the report. To do so, choose Demand Planning  ® Planning ® Promotion ®Promotion Reporting. On the initial screen choose Maintain Settings. On the screen that appears you enter the planning area, version, and data view. Promotion reports are based on the data views in a planning area. The data view controls which key figures appear in a report and which time periods are displayed.


Consider creating a special data view for reporting purposes. You can thus choose the key figures that you want to include in your report.

You create settings at two levels, the general settings and the detailed settings.


                            a.      You first specify the general settings for the report including

·         A name and description for the report

·         The selection ID on which it is based

·         The options (see F1 help)

You save the settings and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text to

                            b.      Make the settings for the detailed reports. Here you enter a description for the detailed report. You also decide whether the detail report is based on promotion base. In both cases you then choose Maintain Detailed Report. A new screen appears. Here you can select which characteristics are included in the detailed report.

If the report is based on a promotion base, you can only choose from the characteristics that are in the promotion base.

The order in which you choose the characteristics, determines the hierarchy of the characteristics in the report. If you choose the button This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Standard Settings, the system copies all the characteristics from the promotion base in the order in which they were defined, starting at the least detailed.

You set the Display Object Values for those characteristics for which you wish to see the values. You must set this indicator for at least one characteristic.

In the promotion base case, a second indicator is available for the promotion level characteristic – Display Promotion Analysis. If you set this indicator, the values for individual promotions are displayed separately to those for the key figure in general.


If two promotions are created with the same promotion base, the same characteristics assigned, in the same period or in an overlapping period, the report is unable to differentiate the values of these promotions.

       2.      After you have saved the detailed reports you can execute the complete report. On the initial screen choose Start Report. On the next screen you choose the name of the report from a pull-down box. You also specify in which mode you want to start the report:

·         Save report

The report runs in the background. You can create a variant and schedule the report to run when the system is less, for instance at night or the weekend.

·         Display report

The report is executed immediately. However once you leave the report the data is lost.

·         Save and display report

The report is executed immediately and the data is saved so that you call up the report again in the future.

       3.      You can display saved reports by choosing Report Results from the initial screen. On the next screen you select the detailed report that you want to see.

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For more information on how to customize the layout of the results see Changing the Layout of Promotion Reports.



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