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Before you can use promotion bases in promotion planning, you must create them in a separate transaction.


Before you can create a promotion base for a planning area, you must have defined the promotion level for the planning area. You do this in a separate transaction (Demand Planning ® Planning ® Promotion ® Maintain Promotion Key Figures. Here you also have to define a promotion key figure. However if you want to use several promotion bases with different key figures, you can do so. The settings in the promotion base overwrite the key figure that you enter here.

See also Promotion Planning.

Process Flow

  1. You call up the transaction Maintain Promotion Base by choosing Demand Planning ® Planning ® Promotion ® Maintain Promotion Base.
  2. On the screen that appears you select the planning area from the pull-down box.
  3. Three icons now appear on the toolbar. Choose

Creating a Promotion Base

  1. Enter a name for the new promotion base. Choose Enter. The other fields are now ready for input. The system automatically enters the planning area and promotion level.
  2. Enter the validity dates for the promotion base.
  3. Enter the promotion key figure.
  4. Note

    Remember that you cannot have more than one identical promotion bases in a planning area. This means that the validity periods of two promotion bases cannot overlap, if the same promotion key figure is used. However it is possible to use a second key figure for the identical characteristic combinations and identical or overlapping validity periods.

  5. You assign the characteristics. The system automatically assigns the promotion level characteristic to the promotion base. You cannot delete this assignment. You assign other characteristics from the planning area to the promotion base using the pull-down box. When you have assigned a characteristic, a new field appears so that you can assign another characteristic. In this way you can assign up to 20 characteristics to a promotion base. (SAP recommends that you only use as many characteristics as necessary for performance reasons.)
  6. You save the promotion base.





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