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The master data of Demand Planning determines the levels on which demand plans are created, changed, aggregated and disaggregated at your company. For example, your master data might consist of all of the products, product families, regions, customers, that your company intends to plan in Demand Planning, as well as all relevant combinations of these; for example, which customers buy which products in which regions. You model these levels in a non-hierarchical tree structure. From a technical point of view, you are specifying which characteristic values are plannable for the characteristics in your planning area.


For organizational units that you want to use for selection and navigation, but not as planning levels, create attributes and assign the attributes to a characteristic that you will use for planning. This procedure offers a way to plan multiple characteristics while achieving optimum system performance.

As part of master data setup, you can also specify how a demand plan that is created on a high level (such as product family) is distributed to a lower level (for example, to the different products in the product family). You do this by calculating a fixed proportional factor for each branch in the tree. The disaggregation type of the key figure is Based on proportional factor. There are other ways to disaggregate data. For more information, see Structure link Aggregation and Disaggregation.


You have carried out planning area administration.

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