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Production data structures (PDS) are an alternative to production process models (PPM) in SAP APO. The Demand Planning version conveys bill of material information. There are two principal uses in SAP APO Demand Planning:

·        Forecasting with Bills of Materials (DP-BOM)

·        Characteristics-Based Forecasting (CBF)

For more details on the use of PDS in CBF, see Bill of Material Information in a CBF Scenario.


There are two methods of generating a PDS:

·        From an iPPE

·        From a production version or a bill of material that you created in R/3 and transferred using the CIF interface.

This means you can use bills of material from SAP R/3 in the DP-BOM function.

 It is not possible to create a PDS directly.


Create DP PDS from iPPE

You create an iPPE consisting of at least

·        An assembly group

·        An assembly header

·        The product

It is not possible to use object dependencies, configuration or colors in a DP PDS. If the iPPE contains such information, it is lost when you generate the DP PDS. 

See Structure linkGeneration of DP Production Data Structures in the SAP Library for APO Master Data.

Create DP-PDS from SAP R/3

Here you proceed as described in Transferring BOM and Task List Data from SAP R/3. It is not necessary to create a production version. To use the generated PDS directly in DP-BOM, you should specify that the system generates an SNP PDS (and not a PP/DS PDS) in the integration model.

See also Structure linkCreating an Integration Model for the Transfer of R/3 Data in the SAP Library for APO Master Data.

Display PDS

You can display production data structure by choosing Advanced Planning and Optimization ® Master Data ® Production Data Structure (PDS) ® Display Production Data Structure from the SAP Easy Access menu.

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