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You can use interactive demand planning for several purposes:

·         To create the demand forecast interactively

·         To validate different univariate forecast models

·         To validate different causal models

·         To verify the results of a forecast created in the background

·         To process alerts issued in background jobs

For this purpose, you work in one or more data views. See Functions in Interactive Demand Planning.



       1.      The views Promotion Planning, Univariate Forecasting, Multiple Linear Regression, and/or Composite Forecasting have been selected, as required, in the planning book.

       2.      You have created characteristic value combinations for the master planning object structure on which the planning area is based.

       3.      You have created time series objects for the version in which you want to plan.

       4.      If required, you have assigned individual users to individual planning books and views.


You start interactive demand planning by choosing Advanced Planning and Optimization ® Demand Planning ® Planning ® Interactive Demand Planning from the SAP Easy Access menu.




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