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Planning areas are the central data structures for Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning.    

The planning area is created as part of the Demand Planning/Supply Network Planning setup. A planning book is based on a planning area. The end user is aware of the planning book, not the planning area. The liveCache objects in which data is saved are based on the planning area, not the planning book.

The planning area specifies the following:                                

·        Unit of measure in which data is planned                               

·        Currency in which data is planned (optional)                           

·        Currency conversion type for viewing planning data in other currencies (optional)                                                  

·        Storage buckets profile that determines the buckets in which data is stored in this planning area                                            

·        Aggregate levels on which data can be stored in addition to the lowest level of detail in order to enhance performance                 

·        Key figures that are used in this planning area                        

·        Settings that determine how each key figure is disaggregated, aggregated, and saved

·        The assignment of key figures to aggregates                            


Supply Network Planning comes with predefined planning areas. You can also define your own planning areas.


You define planning areas in S&DP Administration.


You assign a planning area to a master planning object structure, which in turn is assigned characteristics and aggregates.

hich in turn is assigned characteristics and aggregates.

You assign the key figures with which you want to work directly to the planning area.




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