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Usually consumption of planned independent requirements by sales orders occurs immediately when the orders are transferred using the CIF from the OLTP system. However in a high volume environment the processing time can be significant. This can also lead to locking problems if several users or sales order items try to access the same location product simultaneously.

SAP offers you two methods of solving such problems:

·        Background processing

The system separates the consumption calculations from the creation of the sales order. The consumption process runs as a background job.

·        Queued Remote Function Call

With this consumption type, the system generates consumption tasks in queues for the incoming sales orders.


A generic queue name FC* exists. Check this in the transaction SMQR.



Availability checks against the forecast in global ATP are unaffected by qRFC or background consumption. The system always calculates the figures required here online. The goods issue situation is also always updated online. 


qRFC Consumption

For general information on qRFC, see the SAP Library for the SAP Web Application Server under Middleware ® Remote Function Call (BC-MID-RFC) ® Structure linkQueued Remote Function Call (qRFC). The topics on the inbound queue are particularly relevant.

The system creates a queue for each pegging area. It generates an entry in the queue for each item in a sales order. As such the system keeps track of the order in which the tasks are to be processed.

Each queue also generates an entry in a table (SAPAPO/PEGCOUNT). This entry contains an indicator for the status of consumption. 


Background Processing

Alternatively you can specify that consumption runs as a background job at regular intervals. As such you move the system load caused by consumption tasks to low load periods, such as at night. This of course means that the forecast situation is not always up-to-date. However, scheduling the job to run regularly, for instance every hour, within working hours can eliminate locking problems. 


You can only use qRFC consumption for the consumption of planned independent requirements by sales orders and manually created reservations. Other types of liveCache orders such as stock transfers or reservations for dependent requirements cannot use qRFC consumption.


You decide which consumption method to use in Customizing for Demand Planning under Basic Settings ® Consumption ® Set Consumption Type. These settings are valid for the current client.

qRFC Consumption

If you have registered the generic queue name FC* as stipulated in the Prerequisites, no further activities are necessary.

Background Processing

You can carry out background processing by using either

·        Report program /SAPAPO/DM_ALLOCATION_BTC_RFC or

·        Heuristic algorithm /SAPAPO/DM_ALLOCATION_HEU



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