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Use this function to generate liveCache orders of type Forecast from orders of other categories.

The primary use is in CBF to copy dependent requirements to planned independent requirements for products at assembly level.


You must have set the Assembly Planning indicator on the Demand tab of the location product master.

If you want to generate planned independent requirements in R/3,

·        The location product must exist in both APO and R/3 (plant specific material). This implies that the product and the location have been included in an integration model.

·        You must have created a distribution definition for the location, target system and publication type Planned independent requirements. For more details see Maintaining Distribution Definitions and the IMG activity referred to in this topic.



Selection Options

You can select the orders to be used as the basis for the new forecast orders either manually or by using a selection ID. The source orders must have the type Requirements or Forecast. You can decide whether the system should use the original quantity or the open quantity.

Manual Selection

You must enter:

·        A version

·        One or more locations

·        One or more products


Selection ID

If you are working in SNP, you can use existing selection IDs from the relevant planning area (determined by entering the planning book) to quickly enter the selection criteria.


You can further restrict the selection by specifying the requirements strategy of the location products.

In both cases you must enter a period for the requirements dates of the orders to be adjusted. If you are working with the time zones, the following rule applies:

If the Local Time Zone indicator has been set in the planning version and all locations in the selection are in the same time zone, the requirements date is interpreted as being in this time zone. If one location is in a different time zone, the requirements dates are converted to UTC.


Generating Planned Independent Requirements

You can choose whether to create planned independent requirements (PIRs) in APO, order category FA or in R/3. 


You start this function by choosing Production Planning or Supply Network Planning and then Environment ® Generation of Forecast.

You can run it in simulation mode by selecting the Test Mode indicator.

The system displays the results in the form of a log, which you can also call up later by choosing the log icon This graphic is explained in the accompanying text. You can display more details, for instance on the selection used or the orders generated, by choosing the Details icon (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) next to the relevant message. Similarly for error messages you can display the long texts (if they exist) by choosing the Long text exists icon (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).



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