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Use this function to adjust the quantities of planned independent requirements, that is reduce the open quantity to zero. The open quantity is the original planned quantity that has not been consumed by orders of other categories, usually sales orders. Alternatively you can delete such an order completely.

In contrast to the Delete Transaction Data transaction in SNP, it does not simply delete the orders. This means it is possible to reverse the posting.



Selection Options

You can select the planned independent requirements to adjust either manually or by using a selection ID.

Manual Selection

You must enter:

·        A version

·        One or more locations

·        One or more products


Selection ID

If you are working in SNP, you can use existing selection IDs from the relevant planning area (determined by entering the planning book) to quickly enter the selection criteria.


You can further restrict the selection by specifying the requirements strategy of the location products.

In both cases you must enter a period for the requirements dates of the orders to be adjusted. If you are working with the time zones, the following rule applies:

If the Local Time Zone indicator has been set in the planning version and all locations in the selection are in the same time zone, the requirements date is interpreted as being in this time zone. If one location is in a different time zone, the requirements dates are converted to UTC.


Be selecting the relevant indicators you can specify that:

·        The log is displayed immediately

·        The liveCache orders are deleted

·        The program is first carried out in test mode. The orders are not adjusted or deleted. You can thus check the effects beforehand.

You can also make the relevant settings for parallel processing of background jobs. For more information refer to the F1 help.


The application log records all program runs and keeps this data for the length of time specified.



You start the transaction by choosing Supply Network Planning or Production Planning and then Environment ® Planning Adjustment.



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