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Procedure documentation Creating a Single Entry Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Follow this procedure:

     To add a single entry to the DP master data

For more than single entries, use another method as described in Creation of Characteristic Value Combinations.

     To create some master data in a test planning area as the basis for familiarizing yourself with DP functions before starting to plan "for real"

The characteristics you see on the selection screen do not include the navigational attributes. You create the master data for a navigational attribute in the Data Warehousing Workbench.


Since it is possible for users to interfere with each other when editing characteristic combination for a master planning object structure, you should limit the number of users who carry out these tasks to a minimum. 


You have carried out planning area administration.



       1.      From the Planning Object Structures screen of S&DP Administration select the required master planning object structure and from the context menu choose Char. combinations ® Maintain.

Alternatively, from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Master Data ® Application-Specific Master Data ® Demand Planning ® Maintain Characteristic Values.

       2.      The Maintain Planning-Relevant Characteristic Combinations screen appears. If necessary, enter the master planning object structure that contains the characteristics you want to plan.

       3.      Select Create Single Characteristics Combination.

       4.      Enter the values of the characteristics.

       5.      If this is the last time you are creating an entry in this update phase, check the box Create time series objects.

Alternatively, you can create the time series objects after step 6; that is, having run this program. You do this by choosing Adjust Time Series from the context menu for the individual master planning object structure in S&DP Administration.

       6.      Choose Program ®Execute.


If the master planning object structure contains the characteristics region, product group, customer and product, one entry might be region NORTH, product group COMMERCIAL, customer SMITH and product TOWEL DISPENSER.



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