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An attribute is a characteristic that is logically assigned and subordinated to another characteristic. Navigational attributes offer a way to plan multiple objects while achieving optimum system performance in Demand Planning.


Administrator Workbench

Define characteristics that are to be used for selection and navigation as navigational attributes. You do this in the SAP APO Administrator Workbench. You assign these attributes to the characteristics to which they belong. For example, you might assign the sales representative and priority attributes to the customer characteristic as part of the definition of the customer InfoObject.

Planning Area Administration

When creating the master planning object structure, you specify which characteristics you want to plan. If navigational attributes exist for one or more of these characteristics, these attributes are automatically attached to the master planning object structure when you activate the master planning object structure. This means that if you add attributes to characteristics after the master planning object structure has been activated, you must reactivate the master object planning area before the attributes are effective. (You do not need to deactivate the master planning object structure to do so.)

To display the attributes, choose Navigational Attributes in master planning object structure maintenance.

When creating the planning area, you define aggregates. You cannot include navigational attributes in an aggregate.

Master Data Maintenance for Attributes

You assign values to an attribute by maintaining its master data in the Administrator Workbench, not in Demand Planning master data maintenance. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text from the attribute maintenance screen and enter selection criteria to restrict the selection, if necessary.  

For example, you give the sales representative attribute the values JF and ET.

To see how the attributes fit into the Demand Planning master data, you do the following:


       1.      On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Master Data ® Demand Planning Master Data ® Maintain Characteristic Values.

       2.      Enter the master planning object structure.

       3.      Choose Display Characteristics Combinations.


You cannot assign attributes to aggregates.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

If you use navigational attributes, it is much easier to realign realignment characteristic value combinations when characteristic values change. For more information, see Structure link“Realigning” Navigational Attributes.

Attributes in Interactive Demand Planning

You do not see the difference between characteristics and attributes in interactive demand planning. Use the attributes for selection and navigation.


You can perform reporting on both characteristics and attributes.

For more information, see the SAP Library for the SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) in the Administrator Workbench component under Navigational Attributes.



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