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The normal realignment process for characteristic values is not available for navigation attributes. This is because such attributes are not included in characteristic value combinations. They “point” to a value of another characteristic. It is possible to change navigation attributes as described here.

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  1. In the APO Administrator Workbench, right mouse click the InfoObject whose attribute values you wish to change and choose Maintain master data. In the above example, the InfoObject would be "customer".
  2. Change the values of this InfoObject's navigational attributes, and save the new assignment. For example, you change the priority of customer SMITH from 7 to 5.
  3. Still in the APO Administrator Workbench, choose Tools → Apply hierarchy attribute change.
  4. On the next screen, either select With selected InfoObjects/hierarchies and select the characteristics in the InfoObject list, or select Execute with variant and specify a variant.
  5. Choose Execute.



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