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Forecast strategy 70, manual forecast, allows you to specify manually the basic value, the trend value, the trend dampening profile, and/or the seasonal indices in interactive demand planning. Do not use this forecast strategy in background jobs; this function is not defined for mass processing.


In the statistical forecast view of interactive demand planning, do as follows:

       1.      Carry out statistical forecasting. The system calculates the forecast based on a seasonal trend model (forecast strategy 40).

       2.      On the tabstrip Parameters, overwrite the basic value, trend value and/or seasonal indices proposed by the system.

Alternatively, you can change these parameters graphically by clicking the Graphics pushbutton and dragging the trend line in the graphic.

       3.      Rerun the forecast by clicking the pushbutton STAT. This time the basic value, trend value, trend dampening profile, and seasonal indices you specifed are used to calculate the forecast. No ex-post forecast is calculated.

       4.      Repeat steps 3 and 4 as often as required, checking the results of the different forecast versions by choosing Goto → Forecast comparison.

       5.      If you wish to reset the parameters to their original values, click the pushbutton INIT. This takes you back to step 1.



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