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Procedure documentationUpdating InfoCubes Directly Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can update an existing InfoCube directly from the planning area without DataStore objects. This results in better performance.


If you use this procedure, the system deletes the contents of the InfoCube before it creates a backup of the planning area.


The InfoCube, DataSource, InfoSource, and update rules already exist. For information about how to create these objects, see Extracting Data from a Planning Area, Structure linkDP Data Mart, and the subordinate topics.



       1.      Create an InfoPackage for the InfoSource. To do this, select the InfoSource for the source system on the InfoSource screen of the Data Warehousing Workbench.

       2.      Go to the Data Targets tab page. Here, the following methods are available for deleting data while adding new information to the InfoCube:

     To delete all the data in the data target before uploading the current data, select the relevant data target and set the Delete entire content of data target indicator.


Since the system does not check the existing data before deleting, this is the quicker method. However, data can be lost if problems occur during the update.

     To delete data selectively, click the icon in the Automatic loading of…column. (This icon is either This graphic is explained in the accompanying text or This graphic is explained in the accompanying text depending on whether entries have already been made or not).

A dialog box appears in which you can restrict the selection conditions.

       3.      Proceed with the update as usual.


The settings that you make in the InfoPackage can be critical for performance. For more information, see SAP Note 482494.


After your update process has run smoothly, update the data directly in the data target without using the Persistent Staging Area (PSA). This improves performance.


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