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The header tells you which version and which characteristic values you are planning, as defined in the info objects area. In addition, you can set up a toolbar in the header to drill up and down in the data, to scroll through multiple values of a characteristic, and to view the both the total and the details of all key figures and characteristic values on one screen.


You have made a selection.


Use the header:


To use the header you must do two things:

  1. Configure the header.
  2. Show the header.

Configuring the Header

  1. Choose Settings ® Header information.
  2. Enter the characteristics in the order in which you wish to see them and number this sequence.
  3. If you do not number the characteristics, your entries are lost.

  4. Specify for each characteristic whether you wish to see its values as texts (for example, Distribution center North-East) or as ID numbers (DC_0001_NE).
  5. If you wish to be able to drill down, scroll, and navigate between total and details, select Modif. for each characteristic. If you wish the header to have a display character only, do not select Modif.
  6. Choose Adopt.

Showing the Header

  1. In the application toolbar, choose Header on/off This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.
  2. In the header toolbar, show the characteristic values currently selected in the info objects area by choosing This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Working with Headers

For each characteristic for which you have made an entry and set the Modif indicator there are four buttons on the top of the screen:

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