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The system needs information about the components that are required to produce a product. In the case of a configurable product, it also needs information about the configuration. For example, which components are required, which optional. Furthermore you can specify the dependencies between components, for example if a customer orders the sport version of a car, only the colors red, black, and yellow are available. Otherwise the full range of colors is available

In APO this information can be stored in either Product Process Models (PPMs) or integrated Product and Process Engineering (iPPEs). You use the latter in the form of production data structures. The CBF scenario makes use of iPPEs as these support classic SAP R/3 characteristics.


It is not possible to use PPMs in a CBF process. PPMs do not contain the information linking characteristic values to components.


For details of iPPEs in APO and how to create them, see Structure linkIntegrated Product and Process Engineering (iPPE).

If you are want to transfer the data from R/3, you create production versions. These are then transferred separately in an integration model to APO as a production data structure. For more details, see Transferring BOM and Task List Data from SAP R/3.

In the mySAP Automotive solution it is also possible to edit the iPPE in the OLTP system.




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