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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Example of a Macro Alert Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

This macro calculates the difference between this week's forecast and the previous week's forecast and issues an alert if the difference is greater than 20%. Forecast and Previous forecast are two key figures (two rows) in the planning table.

Company XYZ manufactures product ABC, sales of which have been stable over time as it is a basic commodity. Therefore, there should be no drastic differences between this week’s forecast and the previous week’s forecast, as under normal circumstances no sudden changes would be expected to occur. If this week’s forecast for period 3 is 100 but last week's forecast for period 3 was 60, this is an exception that needs to be brought to the notice of the demand planner. This macro detects such exceptions, triggers an alert, and changes the color of the corresponding cell to red. The planner can then take action as necessary.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

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