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The aim of Structure linkDemand Planning is to develop forecasts and demand plans that are as accurate as possible. You can use the Alert Monitor to monitor your planning for its precision and ability to be realized. Using a Forecast Alert Profile and an SDP alert profile for Macro-Dependent Alerts, you define a user-specific selection of alert types that are relevant for your planning area.

In Demand Planning, the Alert Monitor differentiates between the following alert groups:

·        The system generates Forecast Alerts if the historical data upon which the forecast is based, cannot be correctly described by the selected forecast model. You have, for example, assumed that the demand increases steadily, however over a period of time you realize there is a season-dependent demand.

·        Macro-Dependent Alerts refer to customer-specific problems where, for example, a demand forecast falls short of, or exceeds, a customer-specific key figure. You can also assign your own defined status messages to individual macro steps. These are displayed as alerts in the Alert Monitor.


·        You have defined a forecast alert profile or an SDP alert profile for macro-dependent alerts.

·        You have assigned the alert profile to your Overall Alert Profile, your Structure linkSCC User Profile, or for Structure linkInteractive Demand Planning your user in the area menu for Demand Planning under Environment ® Current Settings ® Assign Planner to Alert Profiles.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

For performance reasons, we recommend restricting the alerts to be displayed to a minimum.


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