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Function documentation Display and Deletion of Characteristic Value Combinations Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Once you have created characteristic values, you can do the following:

·        Display entries

This is useful for checking that the system has created the data as you expected.

·        Delete entries

You can either delete single entries or select several entries to delete.

·        Change entries

To delete existing entries, for instance, when you introduce a new product, you use the Realignment function.



You have created master data (characteristic value combinations) as described in Maintenance of Characteristic Value Combinations or Creating a Single Entry, or by using realignment.


You access the functions for displaying and deleting master data in the same way as you do for creating it:

·        From the menu, by choosing Master Data ® Demand Planning Master Data ® Maintain Characteristic Values

·        In Administration of Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning, you select the master planning object structure and then choose Maintain Characteristic Combinations from the context menu.

Displaying Master Data

To display existing characteristic value combinations, choose Display characteristics combinations. There are two functions that help you restrict the data that is displayed:

·        Selection condition

You use this button to enter selection criteria for one or more characteristics. Only the combinations that contain these values are then displayed. 

·        Grouping condition

You use this button to display the characteristic value combinations grouped according to the characteristics that you select. This shows you in effect the aggregate levels. If you have not created an aggregate for the chosen characteristic combination, a planning object ID with the prefix TMP appears. If an aggregate exists, you see the GUIDs for the planning objects.


Remember that you can save data at detail level or on aggregates if a planning object exists.

Optionally, you can choose to use the technical names of the attributes instead of the description. You can also choose to display the results on a separate screen.

After you have entered any criteria, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text to display a list of the characteristic value combinations that meet these criteria.

Deleting Master Data

There are two methods of deleting existing characteristic value combinations:

Delete individual combinations

To delete individual combinations or all combinations that contain individual characteristic values, choose Delete char. combinations. For example, if your master planning object structure contains characteristics for product, location, sales organization, and customer and you enter the value SMITH in the Customer field of the selection screen, the system deletes all characteristic value combinations that contain the customer SMITH.

Since entering just one or two values can result in several characteristic value combinations being deleted, you can perform a test run before finally deleting the combinations. To do so, choose Test.

Delete combinations from a list

If you choose Delete from a list of combinations, an initial screen appears that corresponds to the screen for displaying master data (see above). Here, you can restrict the data to be displayed in exactly the same manner. After you have chosen This graphic is explained in the accompanying text, a list appears. You select the characteristic value combinations that you wish to delete, and then choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Delete to delete all the selected combinations at once.


In the case of master planning object structures that contain interdependent entries – as for DP bills of material or characteristics-based forecasting – all the interdependent entries are also deleted automatically if you select one entry. This is to preserve data consistency.


Select characteristic value combinations using navigational attributes

To select combinations that you then want to either delete or load into the worklist, you can use Structure linknavigational attributes. Note that the navigational attributes are not actually part of the characteristic value combinations. You cannot delete the assignment to a characteristic here. To do so, you call the Administrator Workbench in the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW).




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