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You require the following settings for seasonal planning:

·        Master data for seasonal planning

For more information, see Master Data Setup for Seasonal Planning.

·        Settings in the planning area

·        Settings in the planning book


For seasonal planning, you use time series key figures only.


Settings in the Planning Area

Activate seasonal planning in the planning area and specify a default seasonal pattern. When you initialize the planning area, the system automatically uses this seasonal pattern for all characteristic values combinations to which you have not yet assigned a seasonal pattern. For more information, see Assigning Seasonal Patterns to Characteristic Values Combinations.


If you implement seasonal planning and use the locking logic Detailed Lock or Activate liveCache Lock, you cannot set the Key-Figure-Specific Lock indicator.

Settings in the Planning Book

In the data view on the Seas.Pattern tab page, enter the season year that you work with most often, or set the Aggregated Season Yearindicator.

For the season year or the aggregated season year, specify how you want the period structure to look when you open the data view in interactive planning. In addition, specify on the Period Structure Settings tab page how many season years you want the system to consider when you dynamically switch planning buckets profiles in interactive planning. For example, this applies if you have specified a season year in the data view and display an aggregated season year in interactive planning.


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